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NCH Wastewater - drains

Put a stop to blockages and keep drains flowing with NCH Wastewater.   

All kitchen drains will generally flow into a grease trap. Sanitary sewers drain lines, i.e. toilets, bathroom sinks, etc. are an entirely separate system – this waste is discharged into municipal sewer lines.

Over time grease, oil, dirt and organic waste accumulates in drain lines and sewer pipes. This creates high maintenance costs, downtime and inconvenient mechanical cleaning are some of the problems businesses are facing due to blockages in drain lines. Foul odors can accumulate and property damage becomes a risk due to flooding caused by a build-up of FOG.

Drain Maintenance

To create the right working environment and avoid emergency situations, it is important that the right solution is used. Ineffective drain treatments can be expensive, damage reputation and have a negative impact on the environment.

Let NCH Wastewater help you create the right working environment whilst reducing costs. Take a look at our range of BioAmp systems and drain maintenance program.

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