Key Features

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    The Perfect Storm

    Environmentally friendly combination of pressure, heat and chemistry.


    Superior Performance

    • Works 5x faster than automatic machines and cleans where automatic machines cannot
    • Contains powerful corrosion inhibitors allowing safe washing of all metals and materials
    • Unique clarifier technology separates contaminants from cleaning solution

    Economical Operation

    • Provides cost savings when compared to automatic machines
    • Cuts hazardous waste fees
    • Significantly reduces labor costs through faster cleaning
    • Reduces the need for secondary cleaning with aerosols

    Safer User Experience

    • Decreases exposure to harmful chemicals
    • Prevents skin absorption of harmful hydrocarbons or from aggressive cleaning solutions
    • Eliminates noxious fumes and fire hazards
    • Diminishes medical claims

    Worry-Free Service

    • Total equipment maintenance
    • Complete fluid maintenance
    • Regular service visits
    • Cleaning solution calibration to meet your specific cleaning needs

    Environmentally Friendly

    • Eliminates the use of organic solvents and their environmental impact
    • Reduces the use of non-renewable resources
    • Drastically reduces generation of hazardous waste
    • Helps achieve ISO goals and objectives

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